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Is Winter a Good Time to Sell My Home? | Louisville Home Sellers

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Should I list my home in the winter?  Is winter a good time to sell my home?  Isn't spring the best time to list my home?

These questions are commonly asked this time of year by Louisville home sellers.  The majority of Real Estate Agents have been programmed to answer "Yes" to the first two questions, and only answer "Yes" to the third question if it happens to be springtime.  Just kidding...sort of.

The best, however, is answering the two-pronged question:  "Is it a good time to sell my home and buy another home right now during the winter months?"  Common Realtor answer:  "Yes, it's a great time to do both!"  Why?  Why is it a great time to do both?  Why is it a great time to sell?  These are the sort of questions I would ask if I were a consumer who just received these answers from my prospective real estate agent.  The opposite answer from an agent is also possible, one that says:  "Everybody knows winter is the slowest and there are no buyers out there right now."  Again, why?  Based on what?  I would want to know how in tune with the market my agent really is if he or she gave me either of these answers.

The truth is, the answer to these questions needs to be more tempered and thoughtful, but salespeople tend to want to buldoze to the bottomline, which doesn't always result in providing his or her Seller Client with the very best advice.

Part of the problem is, and I've seen this firsthand, that Home Sellers and Home Buyers are going to do whatever it is they are going to do no matter how good of advice they are given to the contrary.  In other words, if a Louisville home seller asks me if winter is a good time to sell, I may say something a bit more nuanced than yes or no while leaning toward "no", and they may go out and list their home anyway with someone else.  That is the fear that many agents have when they get this question, and thus, they protect themselves by answering, "Yes, Mrs. Seller, it's a great time to sell!", regardless of the reality of the situation.

What I'm proposing is a third way:  There needs to be more exploration between Listing Agent and Potential Home Seller to see why the Seller is considering a winter move and what the expectations are from the home seller within that move.  All situations are different.  For some, selling a home in the winter might be the very best option based on their circumstances.  Others may have a need or desire that for some reason or another may not be most likely met by listing a home in the winter.

What I am absolutely convinced about is it's never too early to set up a meeting between Home Seller and real estate agent for the purpose of exploring which option is best, review the current market, and see if the expectations of the home seller match that of the current market.  I'm meeting several Louisville Home Sellers in the next few weeks to determine if now is the best time to list their homes or not.

If you or someone you know is interested in our consultative approach that seeks to understand your needs and see if they match the current market, please contact us at 502-509-9278 or via email at and we will be honored to meet with you to give you the best information for your situation.




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