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Selling A Home in Louisville, Kentucky

Churchill Downs D Wayne Lucas Stable

I took the above picture recently while touring the backside at Louisville's most famous landmark, Churchill Downs.  A friend of mine who works in the Equine business showed my family and I around during one of Churchill's seasonal recesses.  The plaque shown above hangs in the stable of D. Wayne Lucas, one of horse racing's most successful horse trainers.  I was impressed by the plaque for the philosophy it presents and for the reminders it undoubtedly serves for Lucas and his staff.  

I'd like to think I'm similarly philosophical in my approach to the business of selling homes in Louisville, Kentucky.  Reminders are crucial, deadlines are essential, and time is, of course, money.  I could take each of the points in The Trainer's Daily Dozen and certainly relate it to the business of real estate sales, but that is for another post.  Instead, I give you five essential considerations each Louisville, KY home seller must make.

1.  Timing:  Am I able and/or willing to buy my next home before selling my current home?  With the Louisville Housing Market's vast improvement in the past year or so, inventory levels have been dramatically reduced, so Louisville Home Sellers have been forced to pick between selling their current home with a plan to find a home quickly and close on both homes in simultaneous fashion, or to sell their home while securing temporary transitional housing while more patiently searching for their home, or for those who qualify, buying their home first and then selling their current home.  Which option best fits your situation?  This is a crucial consideration.  Because of the improvement in the market, it's less likely an option to make an offer on a home contingent upon the sale & closing of another home.

2.  Presentation:  During the pre-listing meeting between the home seller and The Thomas Group, together we take inventory of the assets and liabilities of the home in its present condition.  The pre-listing meeting is a great time to identify the potential home buyer objections, and decide together what items are cost-effective to fix and what items will remain considerations as the home is unveiled to the market.

3.  Marketing:  What types of marketing are effective?  It's funny because even in this day & age when real estate information is so readily available and the consumer has lots of real estate sales data and resources, the marketing piece is still so misunderstood.  When you as a Louisville home seller think about the marketing of your home, you must think in terms of how you yourself shop for a home.  If you last purchased a home years ago before the full blown consumer embrace of the internet home search, then you may have some catching up to do.  The biggest thing to keep in mind is that your real estate agent doesn't get paid unless your home sells.  That leads to some real estate agents to skimp on the marketing and others to employ old worn-out methods just to save face.  The Thomas Group has strong opinions about marketing your home, and we will share with you what they are and why we believe in them during our pre-listing meeting.  It's important to choose an agent who employs a full multi-faceted home marketing plan specific to Louisville and your neighborhood.

4.  Representation:  This piece of the home sale equation is by far the most discounted and ignored.  Whatever you do for a living, you probably know the ins & outs of it.  You know the inner workings.  You know the inefficiencies and ineffectiveness that plague how your work is done by others or how you maybe mistakenly used to do your work.  You also know the human nature aspect of your work and how that effects how you work.  All that to say, any time there is a sales transaction with the size and expense of a house in which humans are involved, the chances of it happening identically in any sort of consistent fashion are slim.  We at the Thomas Group recognize this, and we've made it our priority to create systems that take the guess work out of the home sale process so that our clients can navigate this process efficiently and enjoyably.  We also know the strategies that will allow you as the home seller to maximize your opportunities.  We see our role as one of protector and consultant.  We earn our money and yours in how well we represent your interests.

5.  Emotion:  Some people have a harder time making decisions than others.  Even those who can make quick decisions need a sounding board or an objective voice.  Those who can remove their emotions from the equation when attempting to sell their homes fare better.  They make sound decisions, not knee-jerk ones.  They are able to separate fact from hope.  Selling a home can be difficult emotionally without a doubt, so you need someone to guide you through the steps who is not emotional him/herself.  Clarity is crucial to maximizing your real estate opportunities.

In summary, there are serious considerations to be made when deciding to put your home on the market, and The Thomas Group understands these considerations.  We would love the opportunity to interview for the job of selling your home.

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Until then, we wish you all the best!




Comment balloon 2 commentsChris Thomas • September 11 2013 08:15AM


Thanks for sharing your philosphy, Chris.  Sounds like your market is turning into what we have been experiencing for a while - lack of inventory, making it challenging for those who want to move up/move down/move to a new neighborhood.  They are worried about selling their house first because they don't know where they are going to move.  But they won't be competitive buying another home if they haven't sold the one they are in. Sometimes it means taking that plunge and selling with a backup plan for temporary housing if you can't find the right home to purchase.

Posted by Elizabeth Bouchard, Associate Broker in Northern Virginia (Long & Foster Realtors) over 4 years ago

Elizabeth, yes, that has been the dilemma for sure.  Thanks for reading, and I hope all is well!

Posted by Chris Thomas (Keller Williams Realty Louisville East) over 4 years ago