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Sometimes it's best to go out for appetizers and an adult beverage.  Louisville has several awesome appetizers among a giant selection of outstanding restaurants.  I know there are many more than five Louisville restaurant appetizers that are worth checking out, and this is a list that will certainly evolve over time, but here are the five you need to try pronto:

1.  Green Chili Wontons - The Bristol Bar & Grille - Every time I go to the Bristol, if weather permits, I aim to sit out on their patio, and I swear if left to my own devices, I could eat 79 green chili wontons.  They are so simple, yet so good.  Wonton skins, lots of Moterrey Jack cheese, and diced green chillies will get you home.  They even shared their recipe.  Don't forget to make some guac if you try your own version, or take my advice, and go to the Highlands for a bunch.

2.  Sweet Potato Fries - The Village Anchor - The Village Anchor and its lower level (physically, it resides below the Village Anchor) companion, The Sea Hag, are wonderful additions to charming Anchorage.  First off, I hate sweet potatoes.  I've never liked them.  BUT, these sweet potatoes aren't smashed up in your grandmother's porcelain serving dish.  These sweet potato fries have been hand cut, seasoned with rosemary salt, and are served with the Anchor's own Marshmallow Creme and Bourbon BBQ dipping sauces.  Perfect for sharing!

3.  Pretzel & Beer Cheese - The Holy Grale - What else are you going to get to eat at a beer joint than Beer Cheese?  This is the real deal.  Both the beer selection and the beer cheese, that is.  The atmorsphere is ultra hip as well.  Located in the heart of the Highlands, the Holy Grale resides in an old Unitarian Church.  The staff knows their brand well, so don't ask to "fruit" the beer in any way, and don't ask for ketchup because they don't have any. 

4.  GuacamoleMojito Tapas Restaurant - Another odd disclosure:  I really am not a huge fan of Guacamole...until I had the guacamole served with plantain chips at Mojito in Holiday Manor.  I am really not a fan of being as big of a fan of any restaurant that calls Holiday Manor home, and I've said for as long as Mojito has been serving their delicious tapas that they need a new location, BUT Mojito is one of the very best & most unique restaurants in Louisville.  It's a fun place to go with a group.  Similar to sushi, it's one of those places where it seems like new food is always hitting the table.

5.  Jack's Signature Nachos - Jack's Lounge at Equus - No weird disclosures on this one.  I love nachos and always have.  The thing about Jack's nachos is that they are individually topped.  This is crucial for the enjoyment of a potentially messy starter.  I really should have ranked this one higher, so don't let the number 5 next to it fool you.  Jack's is a wonderful establishment in the heart of St. Matthews.  You can literally lounge in Jack's Lounge with leather couches and chairs, and you should.

So there you have it, Five of Louisville's very best appetizers that you must try soon.  I'm sure there are several others that could have made the list, so please let me know what I've forgotten, and as always, If you're moving to Louisville or the surrounding counties, I'd be honored to interview to sell your home or help you buy your next one, or both. 





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